Wednesday, 22 October 2014 02:00

The Portal to Elfland

The Portal to Elfland...

The song tells of a way to reach enlightenment. What is the way to enlightenment? Is it a clear route or even a way? No! To reach enlightenment is to be completely lost and being found because of that. And by writing this I will not claim that we are enlightened! Certainly not! This song is our way to keep ourselves focused on going there and going for being enlightened. But the thing is that like the song, there is no enlightenment in that concrete way. And to go for enlightenment you do not try anymore and you become at peace. You want to find the way by standing still, you see? It’s like the song says, you have to see it before you know what to look for, but by looking for it, you have made it invisible, which doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Step through the portal, fall in and find yourself not having stepped through it at all. Catch a glimpse of its contents every time you do so though. Keep yourself wanting. Keep your eyes and ears open for all that you want. Or see it as a way to find out what you want. This is the power of the portal. All that you need to do is to be able to revel in it!

And there is another thing I want to tell you! Because we are now talking about something that is actually not real. But when you really talk about something un-real, it is real and thus it has become something different. So when something changes when you talk about it, how do you talk about it? And there are inputs from everywhere and chaos swirls around! Creativity! And to really do something with this creational process, you actually have to do something that doesn’t exist. Doing it creates something concrete but you also have to kill off more in the process. 

And that concludes the song that won’t ever end. I hope you know now what drives us and what we try to tell. I hope you know. Do you?