woensdag, 21 juni 2017 00:00


SeeD(ee) @ Castlefest 2017 - Official

The time has come. We, who have always stood and cheered in the audience of the big-ass 'Forest Stage', are proud to announce that we will stand upon that very stage this year!

So if you haven't booked your ticket for this year's Castlefest yet, this might persuade you:

  • SeeD will perform there on all three days, on all three stages! 
  • We are releasing our precious new SeeDee (CD) on Castlefest, so if you want to get one of the first signed copies, this is your chance!
  • We will be a very happy and huggable group of people. Possibly sweaty and smelly as well.

For more info: keep checking out our SeeD page posts and the Castlefest page/website!

Hope to see you all there!


woensdag, 21 december 2016 00:00

Winter Castlefest 2016

Dearest SeeDlings!

Was Castlefest Winter Edition 2016 amazing or what?! It's awesome to see the event is growing into a beautiful Winter flower and we are very excited to have been a part of that this year. The whirlwind of energy we created with you is enough to get us through the darkest of winters. That was an amazing party we won't ever forget. It's way up there on the lists of greatest shows so far!

We're grateful to be bound to each and everyone one of you through the Roots!

Thank you Castlefest and everyone involved in making this event stand!

Picture by the amazing Cliff de Booy from Cliff de Booy Nature and Concert Photography!

zaterdag, 15 oktober 2016 00:00

Prerecording the new album!

My dearest SeeDlings,

Perhaps some of you have noticed the weekly rehearsal posts have stopped and SeeD is quiet. There's nothing to worry about, on the contrary. We've started to work on something that requires you to turn inwards. 

We are preparing everything for our Winter studio adventure.

It requires a different view on your tracks. It's about adding additional layers to your music that you can't bring live. It's a whole new game.

We'll definitely keep you posted!




woensdag, 24 februari 2016 00:00

SeeD on Castlefest, Lisse (NL)

Guess what? We have a surprise for you! And we're very excited to finally be able to share the news:


We are proud to announce that we will be playing at this year's CASTLEFEST!!! 

We're looking forward to enjoying this great festival with all of you, and are hoping to see many of you in the audience during (at least ;) ) one of our three shows at the Village Stage!



woensdag, 17 februari 2016 00:00

SeeD on Yggdrasil, Treviso (IT) this June

My dearest international, and especially Italian SeeDlings,

The SeeD keeps growing. The SeeD rides the wind like the Dandelion's offspring! And next year we will ride that same wind all the way to Italy!

We're proud to be present that we will be delivering Italy a great show at the wonderful festival YGGDRASIL

Will we see you there? 

Hugs, SeeD

zondag, 16 augustus 2015 00:00

Castlefest live footage by Heathen Arts

Check out our 'Media' section to find some great live footage of our performance in Lisse (NL) on Castlefest 2015. All video recorded by our great friend from Heathen Arts!

(Or check out our Youtube)

dinsdag, 21 juli 2015 00:00

Win a free See-Dee?

Interested in seeing how you can win a free copy of our CD Portal to Elfland?

The tip of the veil is lifted. We proudly present the Album cover of our album 'Portal to Elfland'.

Click on to find an interview and an exclusive teaser from the album!

woensdag, 24 juni 2015 00:00

Our beautiful soundscape crew

Our beautiful female soundscape crew helps us with recording the final laughs and doo-dats for our upcoming cd!

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