Wednesday, 01 October 2014 02:00

A Tale of Two Brothers

Our first of many more Wednesday blogs to come:


Fellow People and Others!

I want to tell you the story of two people. A lot of people say, when they see musicians having a great time: ‘I wish I could do that’, or something like that. I can speak for all of my band members when I say we all think: ‘Well then…. Why don’t you?’. And sometimes we dare to ask the people this very question. The most common response is: ‘I don’t play an instrument’. Well to all of you… Listen!

My brother and I were back in high school, when we often spoke of having a band. We were big fans of Omnia, Faun and other great Pagan Folk bands. As long time lurkers we both spotted instruments we’d like to play and  to be frank we thought they were very sexy. We never really dared to go and buy the instruments, until we just did one day. No magic, no fairytale moment. We just did. And as most good stories start with a sudden impulse, ours did too.

We started practicing and playing along to the best of tunes, which, until then, were only meant for listening. Playing the instruments added a whole new dimension to music. Suddenly we understood better and better what the amazing musicians played, did and tried to do. We could even change some parts of the music to our own insights. And like a lot of people would do when they have found a form of magic, we’d play and write like idiots.

And still the real fairytale moments only came after a lot of hard work. But the work paid off and we still weren’t really good at playing when we decided to form a band with fellow musician Esmee Polling. It would still take a lot of work for the real magic of bending sound into emotions and stories to begin, but practice we did.

We eventually wrote songs we thought were acceptable for an audience, and the nerves began. Waiting around just to hear the opinions of people about your music, the patience paid off and suddenly we had real gigs for real people. For real people who actually wanted to hear our music. We were making people feel better and creating something we were never able to create before in such a way.

After making some music we’re now almost horrified, bettering ourselves and making better music, we arrived where we are now. We play on the main stages of our most favorite festivals with the most wonderful people. In doing so we have had the most insane adventures with festival food that is tough enough to literally build a little faery house with, a dancing Boba Fett and stormtrooper and people dancing like shades around huge bonfires. You know what the weirdest thing is? The group of people in front of our stage grew larger and larger! More and more people would come and even buy cd’s! It is the weirdest thing to think that something we made is in the house of people we don’t know.

But who has already figured out the moral of the story? For those who haven’t, I’ll tell you that if we would have said: ‘I don’t play an instrument’, there would have been no such thing as a band called SeeD. All the tunes we have written, that people know and some people even love, would not have existed. And we would not have met all the beautiful people that we have met on our journey so far. So when you ever see musicians have fun, you don’t think: ‘I don’t play an instrument’, but think: ‘which one am I going to play and which tales am I going to write?’. 

Ofcourse we understand that it can sometimes be hard getting your hands on the instruments. And it can be even harder to find a teacher!! Luckily there are options. There are always the stands on the festivals which sell instruments. But little shops can be quite hard to find. So it is a good thing other people have already done your research for you! You can always ask your friends, ask around on Facebook or send us a message. Together we know all!

And when looking for teachers, problems can occur. But as always, there are options! My favorite option and also a big part of how we did it ourselves, is teaching yourself. Yes, it is hard, but you WILL manage if you try hard enough and you WILL find your own style. The internet is also a good way to get information and especially The Youtube is very helpful. And there are also real-people-teacher-thingies! These people have a lot of knowledge and are often willing to teach you a lot. Often you won’t even have to search for these people! You actually already found some. We, the people of SeeD, are willing to teach you in all kinds of whacky instruments. We won’t bite and you can always ask!

We will be keeping up regular blogs from now on, on Facebook as well as on our website. With more content than pictures of our food.

Be awesome!



And for your gloating pleasure we give you  this picture, with a beardless Lars and a no percussion skill Koen.