Monday, 01 September 2014 02:00

SeeD Videolog: 'Chapter Three'

  • Our very strict producer 
  • Almost catastrophic rain
  • Our choreography in the making
  • Gathering Spirits from our demo cd: SeeDling


Sunny SeeDlings,

You might have noticed that Summer’s slowly coming to an end and rainy days are becoming more frequent… However, the work on our upcoming album continues – even if this means running around frantically trying to prevent our instruments and equipment from getting wet! This third chapter of our Videolog-series shows we are still very happy and the recording process is going steady. 

Sometimes it just hits us we’re actually recording outside, surrounded by nature. Imagine listening to a metronome/click-track and suddenly hearing the gentle breeze through the leaves, followed by the distant chirping of birds… no nice and warm inside-studio could top that!

Happy hugs,

the SeeD-crew