Sara SeeDling

Occupation in SeeD:

Bouzouki, nine-string guitar, vocals, bodhrán, looking pretty and making sure the guys behave themselves. 


Ashbury Irish bouzouki (open D tuning) called Bronagh.
 Brendan White double skin Irish bodhrán called Donar.
 Cort Earth acoustic 12-string steel guitar called Ysis.


Photography, composing, Warhammer (hurray for dwarfs!), drawing/doodling, archery.

 Favourite song from SeeD:


 Most memorable SeeD experience: 

Building miniature houses with festival food. 
 (We believe everything has its purpose in this life - even festival food.)

 Reason you joined SeeD: 

I came over for a jam session and they wouldn’t let me go… It was a great session, so I didn’t mind.

 Has SeeD been what you expected: 

SeeD turned out to be everything I was looking for in a band, and more!
 (Still wondering where the money and fame is, though.)

 Favorite non-SeeD music? 

Omnia, Opeth, Trolska Polska, Wardruna, Irfan, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Anúna, Loreena McKennitt, Árstíðir, Euzen

 What is your all-time favourite song? 

“Toys in the Attic” by Omnia
 “The Mystic’s Dream” by Loreena McKennitt 
 "Trimletrold" by Trolska Polska
 Pretty much every song on Árstíðir's album "Svefns og vöku skil".

 Favourite movie:

Sweeney Todd

 Favourite sound: 

The resonant interaction between the wind and the waves by the seashore.

 What is your favourite folk/fantasy festival?


 Involved with any other musical groups now,  or have you collaborated on any interesting musical projects? 

I play and sing with a couple of other groups that are all very different: “BAT” plays experimental music that has its roots in folk and world music, whereas “Tales of Old” is a more traditional and entirely acoustic folk duo. 
 Between June and September 2014 I will be singing with our friends from the band Alis Foy on a couple of festivals. 
 I am also a full-time member of Anúna, Ireland’s National Choir, with whom I occasionally go on tour.

 Why did you start a career in music?

Our house has been filled with music since before I can remember. Making music together with loved ones has been such a natural part of my upbringing that choosing a music-related career was somehow self-evident.

Apart from making music I am also studying to become a music teacher, so I can give children the chance to experience the beauty of music the way I have when I was their age.

 Favourite Fae creature?

Brian Froud’s Moon Sphinx from “Good Faeries & Bad Faeries”.

 Favourite tree and flower?

The gentle birch and the fragile red poppy.
 Describe your band colleagues in one word:
Koen: arrogant. Lars: beard. Robin: modest.


Picture by Marielle's Music Photography