maandag, 01 september 2014 00:00

SeeD Videolog: 'Chapter Three'

  • Our very strict producer¬†
  • Almost catastrophic rain
  • Our choreography in the making
  • Gathering Spirits from our demo cd: SeeDling
woensdag, 20 augustus 2014 00:00

SeeD Videolog: 'Chapter Two'

  • Robin @ Efteling
  • The Nymph Hunt from our demo: SeeDling
  • Bandmembers gone crazy
  • A view at our mid-forest recording location
  • The already legendary: 'I'm building a hut' song
  • A Titanic scene that didn't quite make it into the movie
dinsdag, 19 augustus 2014 00:00

SeeD Videolog: 'Chapter One'

  • Teaser of the song Brave that will be one of the tracks on our upcoming album
  • Koen's major vocal fuck ups
  • Our rebellious workspace with great acoustics
donderdag, 14 augustus 2014 00:00

Recording Pagan Folk

We travelled all the way to Belgium to Kamelot Studios to record our first full length album. 


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