Wednesday, 22 January 2020 15:28

Update from the mysterious land of SeeD

SeeD, where the flying Fae have you been? Well to be completely honest. Keeping up an online appearance is far from our forte, nor is other office work. Creating new music and writing faery tales is. We are honestly sorry that this means our music doesn't reach your ears much. (We might need to think about hiring a booker)

The first studio dates have been set to record our third album!
And we are all doing much better in the caverns of our mind, so huzzah!

We miss you all, stay strong, keep creating and be sure to give yourself a great new year, you deserve it!

p.s. Picture by John Richard, I asked the audience to turn around before we started playing, because we didn't have enough time to go on and off stage before the show for a well rehearsed, theatrical entrance.