Wednesday, 02 January 2019 15:10

New year!

My dearest SeeDlings,

This was an interesting, but great year for us!

We're collaborating with someone we used to look at in awe when he was on the stage with other bands. Thanks for coming into our life, Joe <3
We played in parts of Europe we'd never been to before.
We played an amazing Castlefest! 
Each and every day the SeeDlings are spreading across the world and growing bigger than we could ever anticipate. Thank you Maike from 'Creepy and Cute'!

But most of all we recuperated from a dark place the mind can dwell. Still recovering, but we're getting back up there. And you guys helped us out a lot. The love we felt at Castlefest was overwhelming.
Sure, being in a band is about reaching people and having a good time together. But to us, living with our listeners through the good and bad times is more important, crying together, smiling together, sharing things with each other that helps everyone out for LIFE, making the world a better place for everyone that is struggling. Even if that means we're not blasting out bookings here and there.
SeeD is about being something that lives and breathes, and sometimes hibernates to emerge stronger.
This year we're planning on organizing our Goblin's Grove again (sadly the location we had in mind is closing their doors forever, so a bit of a delay there)
We're travelling to Glastonbury to play an amazing Faery Ball. And many more adventures are in store, like:


We wish you all an amazing year!

(Picture by Marielle Groot Obbink from CeltCast @ Castlefest)