Wednesday, 21 June 2017 02:00


SeeD(ee) @ Castlefest 2017 - Official

The time has come. We, who have always stood and cheered in the audience of the big-ass 'Forest Stage', are proud to announce that we will stand upon that very stage this year!

So if you haven't booked your ticket for this year's Castlefest yet, this might persuade you:

  • SeeD will perform there on all three days, on all three stages! 
  • We are releasing our precious new SeeDee (CD) on Castlefest, so if you want to get one of the first signed copies, this is your chance!
  • We will be a very happy and huggable group of people. Possibly sweaty and smelly as well.

For more info: keep checking out our SeeD page posts and the Castlefest page/website!

Hope to see you all there!