Sunday, 19 July 2015 02:00

SeeD - First glance at "The Portal to Elfland"

The tip of the veil is lifted. We proudly present the Album cover of our album 'Portal to Elfland'.

Click on to find an interview and an exclusive teaser from the album!

Dearest SeeDlings, the first bit of the Veil is lifted!

We hope that most people have figured out by now that we are playing on Castlefest! You didn't think that was our only surprise for you, did ya now?

For on this epic party we will release something on the world of which we are quite proud. Our much anticipated album 'Portal to Elfland' will finally be released and will be sold at the merch stand by our lovely merch-babes.

So if you were still doubting about going to our gig.... Come and enrich your Pagan Folk CD-collection, probably already containing; The Moon and the Nightspirit, Sowulo, Faun, Asynje, Omnia, Trolskapolska, L.E.A.F. and Irfan (who are also releasing their new album), by buying our SeeD-album. Listen to our music and study our artwork, for we are very proud to share it with you finally. Bringing SeeD in your living room without having to kidnap us!

To celebrate this event we have made 3 teasers, of which one is accompanying this little announcement. Today's teaser will contain some in depth questions and answers about the themes of the album and part of the album title song 'Portal to Elfland'. The owners of the demo 'SeeDling' already know this song, but not in the way it has been recorded this time.

Lots of love,

The SeeD Crew.