Tuesday, 21 October 2014 02:00

As the Fae are dancing in fresh mushroom circles

As the Fae are dancing in fresh mushroom circles, the hollows of oak trees and amongst acorns, pine cones and autumn leaves. The See-D is taking shape.

The SeeD family has gathered on the astral planes of Elfland in which Camelot studio's can be found. Images, sounds, the creatures of Fae featuring on our album, it's all coming together. To be able to bring you a cd this coming festival season! We will be taking you through the Portal to Elfland with us. Whether you want it or not!

And while we're doing this. We're looking forward to our gig with Omnia the 13th of December a whole big freaking lot!

Something important coming up: 

For the people that want to be part of an exclusive, story-filled, low people-capacity event. Keep track of our facebook and keep your agenda empty in the end of January.

The kindest of regards,

The SeeD family