Tuesday, 19 August 2014 02:00

SeeD Videolog: 'Chapter One'

  • Teaser of the song Brave that will be one of the tracks on our upcoming album
  • Koen's major vocal fuck ups
  • Our rebellious workspace with great acoustics



My sweetest web-browsing SeeDlings,

On top of the photo that was published of our recording adventure earlier today, we have the pleasure to announce the launch of our official SeeD Pagan Folk website! The address is: ‘www.seedpaganfolk.nl’, although you obviously already knew that since you're here! This is the place where you’ll find more than just pictures of our recording adventure. Most prominent; our videoblog! Each night we’re compiling the video’s shot by Nikki and we edit it to perfection for your viewing pleasure.

Besides the multimedia footage of the recording of SeeD’s first full length album there will be galleries filled with concert photo’s, planned events (with set times!) and last but not least, information about the band members that has never been published before is also featured in the ‘Biography’ section.

The webshop is not yet functional, but you can place your orders for either the demo or the SeeD-shirts via the contact form on the website.

We will see you there, won’t we?

Our warmest greetings to you!

The SeeD Crew