Koen van Egmond

Occupation in SeeD:

Beating up random people and forcing them to join my band. Playing flutes from all over the world, vocals and a wee bit of percussion


Burke whistles in F & D.
Susato double whistle in C
Sallow flute in D


Drawing, kayakking, jamming without playing traditionals.


Favourite song from SeeD:

Land of Melancholy

Most memorable SeeD experience: 

Welcoming two great, new musicians into the band.

Has SeeD been what you expected: 

SeeD has been way more than I could ever expect and I know it's going way further than I could ever dream.

Favourite non-SeeD music? 

Kamelot, Irfan, Wardruna, Asynje, Omnia, Faun.

What is your all time favourite song? 

Faun - Alba
Kamelot - Epilogue
Wardruna - Sowelu
Omnia - Lughnasadh
Irfan - Fei

Favourite movie:


Favourite sound:

Rain and thunder while trying to sleep.

What is your favourite folk/fantasy festival?


Involved with any other musical groups now,  or have you collaborated on any interesting musical projects? 

I play the woodwinds in Sowulo, Furthermore I used to play woodwinds for L.E.A.F. as well, but sadly I had to leave a band that was very precious te me, for I was too busy to keep my life at that time up without feeling too stretched.

Why did you start a career in music?

My parents told me it'd be a waste to not to play music in life and they started me out on the saxophone playing Roaring Twenties jazz and when I was about 20 years old I was inspired by other musicians so much that I knew I had to make a professional career out of playing the flutes in folk projects. Now I mainly play music to inspire other people in the following of their dreams & passions and to open a portal to the land of the Fae via my music in SeeD.

Favourite Fae creature?

Jeroen van Overwijn

Favourite tree and flower?

The Willow tree and the Thistle flower.

Describe your band colleagues in one word:

Sara: arrogant. Lars: odd. Robin: koekwaus.

Picture by Jasper van Gheluwe
© Jasper van Gheluwe & SeeD