Lars van Egmond

Occupation in SeeD:

Being a nuisance, too many strings and dead animals. This could be loosely translated to backing vocals, playing guitar and percussion (davul, didge, darbuka and jaw harp)


Viking fighting, growing my beard, walking around bare-footed, collecting fungi.

Favourite song from SeeD:


Most memorable SeeD experience:

Licking Koen's head with Robin.

Reason you joined SeeD:

Koen beat me up and forced me into labour.

Has SeeD been what you expected:

No. Faeries. 

Favourite non-SeeD music?

Trevor Hall, Kamelot, Wardruna, Trolskapolska, Valravn, Trivium, Coppelius, Buckethead, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Sowulo and many, way too many more. 

What is your all time favourite song?

Too many favourite songs to mention all. A small excerpt: Trevor Hall - Well I Say, Wardruna - Naudir, Omnia - Pagan Polska, Five Finger Death Punch - Hard to See, Valravn - Marsk.

Favourite movie:

V for Vendetta

Favourite sound:

English Horn

What is your favourite folk/fantasy festival?


Involved with any other musical groups now or have you collaborated on any interesting musical projects?

I have been on stage with L.E.A.F. on several occasions, joined Substantial Sorrow on stage for a little party and I participate in the crew of Sowulo.

Why did you start a career in music?

Because life seemed to quiet without it.

Favourite Fae creature?

The Hobgoblin from 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'.

Favourite tree and flower?

The birch and the dandelion!

Describe your band colleagues in one word:

Koen: ambitious, Sara: purrrdy, Robin: sweet. 

Picture by Jasper van Gheluwe
© Jasper van Gheluwe & SeeD