Robin Dekker

Occupation in SeeD: 

Artsy person, percussionist, supplier of herbs & enforcer of happiness and unknown underground black metal bands.


Schlagwerk Dual Cajon
Deer hide, rune infused Shaman drum
Lars's Davul
Egg shaker
Pigma Micron Fineliners



Beating the living sh*t out of drums, drawing, painting, forest roaming & watching sitcoms with the missus.

Favourite song from SeeD:


Most memorable SeeD experience: 

There have been too many to choose from already.

Reason you joined SeeD: 

I got asked to make the artwork for the demo, while doing that I got asked to join them on stage for a few songs at  & after doing that we had a lot of drinks and while I was completely out of my head drunk they made me sign a contract that made sure I will have to stay for at least 10 years or they will sue me for everything I have I  guess they enjoyed my company enough to ask me to join the band. 

Has SeeD been what you expected?

What can I say, they are family now and they mean the world to me. 

Favorite non-SeeD music? 

Wardruna, Skalmöld, Primordial, Agalloch, Kampfar, Jotunspor, Sólstafir, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Alcest, Sowulo, Myrkvar, Turisas & more.
Notice the metal influences?

What is your all-time favourite song?

No actual favourites, depends on the mood I guess, but if I have to pick one it would be Ensiferum - Hero in a dream, for old times sake.

Favourite movie:

Instinct (1999)

Favourite sound:

Tranquility of the forest.

What is your favourite folk/fantasy festival?

Castlefest, great atmosphere, great music and it's a 10 minute walk from my home.

Involved with any other musical groups now,  or have you collaborated on any interesting musical projects?

I used to play the Djembé in a folk band called World of Stone and I'm currently working on a project with one of my dearest friends.

Why did you start a career in music?

I got inspired by the girl I love.

Favourite Fae creature?

The Gnome

Favourite tree and flower?

Pedunculate Oak & Lavandula angustifolia

Describe your band colleagues in one word:

Sexy, sexy and sexy.

Picture by Jasper van Gheluwe
© Jasper van Gheluwe & SeeD